Monday, January 9, 2017

Correlation and Causation

Albert Einstein formerly said The world is in greater peril from those who plump for or encourage unrighteous than from those who actually commit it. At this point in my life, I couldnt have raise that statement to be any truer. Im an activist, an avid one at that. I try to fight unrighteous educating others, on what not many tribe have invariably even questioned before; Vaccines. When I tell most people this, their first reaction is oh, youre one of those people or I get it, jenny ass McCarthy said it was bad. I try not to permit that offend me, I solely assume ignorance is bliss, because it usually is. I had to learn my lesson the hard modal value; a way no father should have to learn. I have gibe, one male child and one girl, as unexpected as they were, I couldnt have been more randy for them to arrive. It seems that they were more excited than my married woman and I were, and entered this world 12 weeks early, at exactly 28 weeks. Tiny, fragile and barely clinging t o life, my twins fought and grew and started to thrive. After about 3 calendar months in the NICU, they were discharged and in the long run came home. We religiously went to all appointments and remark up visits, gave them all the recommended vaccinations, and posture them on a austere feeding agendum to garter with weight gain. They were thriving, my daughter was a tad behind and that was to be expected. But my son was smasher all of his milestones ahead of schedule; shocking his doctors and specialists with every visit. That was until we went to their 12 month well-child visit, and my twins received their MMR vaccine. non even 3 arcminutes had passed since the visit when my married woman noticed our son jerked meat abnormally in his sleep, she check over his temp and it was 103.4. My wife started to timidity and immediately rushed him to the nip room where doctors fought for hours to bring his temperature down with not much success. It wasnt until a CT scan we imbed the source of his temperature; swelling in his b...

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